I finished my teacher training in January 2016. I originally went on the course to deepen my own practice , but once I finished I found I had been given a wonderful gift to share and introduce my passion with people. I love the fact that yoga is open to everyone regardless of your age, race, or gender. I am a forever student, and love learning from new workshops and courses, passing on the knowledge and insight I gain, but I always learn from my students too.

I have practised all styles of yoga, and love them all for their own reasons. Personally I find that flow is better fit all round for the biggest group of people. I love that I can borrow from other styles and add bits in to my own classes.

I teach a gentle flow style, with a bit of fun added. Classes are both slow and dynamic – they definitely have a yang and yin feel! I feel we live in a hectic society, and we need to regularly reset before we burn out, so there’s plenty of relaxation too. Total zen!

I teach weekly classes, and roughly every 3 months myself and my yogi friend put on yoga charity events for different Cambridgeshire charities. See the News page for more details!

I am also a massage therapist and offer this a separate treatment. If you would like a massage please get in touch with me to arrange an appointment.

Yoga Alliance Professional