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Ying is an extremely dedicated and knowledgeable Yogi. Her passion and knowledge shines through during her yoga classes and she is extremely attentive to all her students. Serenity is guaranteed during Ying’s classes as she guides through poses with soothing and confident communication. As a martial artist, I particularly like the way she refers to and incorporates Chi energy work into her gong bath sessions with Vicky (girl with a gong). Highly recommended.


I have been attending Ying’s classes for just over 2 years now and I never want to stop! 

Ying creates a lovely atmosphere in her classes, with no judgement what so ever. I instantly felt welcome and calm, right from my first class. 

She has fostered a real ‘family feel’ amongst those of us who attend regularly. We feel that she invests in us and has helped each of us to progress at our own pace. I am now able to get into postures I would never have thought possible. 

Physically, I have gained strength, flexibility and balance, but more importantly, my mental health has never been better. 

I cannot recommend Ying highly enough.