Online courses

One nice thing is actually having the time commit to and do an online course. I’ve signed up for a course to learn about acupressure points. I’m really interested in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), well, all forms of alternative and holistic medicines to be honest! They’ve been around for years, and it’s fascinating how they’ve endured. Our bodies have the ability to heal themselves given the right attention; I know… Read More »Online courses

Lockdown birthdays

It seems that most of my family, including me, have had or will have a birthday in lockdown, including some big ones! It’s sad you can’t celebrate with family, or go and do what you would normally do. I would have loved to go away, but this year I actually would have been working (hairdressing!) as we planned to take the following weekend off. It would have been the long… Read More »Lockdown birthdays

Raw cheesecake

As I keep getting asked for this recipe, I thought I would share it – maybe you have these things in and can give it a go! It’s so easy to do and there’s no baking either. Oh, and no cheese! It’s raw and vegan (but please don’t give it to anyone with a nut allergy!!) I love these for snacks – I usually make small individual ones in a… Read More »Raw cheesecake

Lockdown – the simple life

Since lockdown, I’ve discovered the joy in finding time to do things like going on a bike ride or a walk with my family who I’m locked in with.  Going down memory lane to places I’ve not been to since I was a kid; finding pathways I never knew existed. Loving exploring again. No, it might not a new country, or a new place, but we can still explore what’s… Read More »Lockdown – the simple life

All I wanna do is have some fun!

While waiting for my latest Zoom yoga session to start, I had a spontaneous thought, and decided to try and post every day on social media (links below) all sorts of different ways to do headstands. Each post is a video, to show that they can be done, wobbles and all! A wobble is just the core connecting and waiting to stabilise, and they happen to everyone! Firstly, the most… Read More »All I wanna do is have some fun!

Live yoga

Oh my god! Really? I have to do this? Given the current situation, my schedule has now changed. I’m offering yoga lessons via Zoom, for £5 each: Monday 6pm Wednesday 6.30pm Saturday 9.30am Live yoga online is something I was not really prepared to do, but like most things I tend to work better when I’m thrown in at the deep end. It was slightly daunting for me (to say… Read More »Live yoga

Stay safe

Under these circumstances I know we are all feeling anxious, including myself. What are we going to do? Where are we going to get money from? How will we pay the bills? And so the list goes on… We are forced to stop, and after hearing the initial dialogue running around our heads, we start to breathe and find the space we are in (whatever form that takes) I know… Read More »Stay safe

CBD Goodness

As you know, there has been a lot of hype recently over CBD – an oil – also known as cannabis oil. It’s not used to get stoned or high, but all about providing the goodness, and can help towards general health and well being. It took me a long time to get round to trying it, as I wanted to find one without any THC in it. The THC… Read More »CBD Goodness