CBD Goodness

As you know, there has been a lot of hype recently over CBD – an oil – also known as cannabis oil. It’s not used to get stoned or high, but all about providing the goodness, and can help towards general health and well being. It took me a long time to get round to trying it, as I wanted to find one without any THC in it. The THC… Read More »CBD Goodness

Sunday Bliss…….

Recently, we held our second yin yoga and gong bath session, but the uptake was slow, and not many came. However, those who attended got a huge release, and it’s always amazing to help provide that, and to be a part of it. I got asked the question “don’t you want to join in?”, as I was leading the session. Yes I do! I’m proud of the sessions I run,… Read More »Sunday Bliss…….

Coming soon…..

  First time in doing this for me and to be working together, very exciting, collaborating with Vicky to put on yin yoga and gong bath…. Why? Because I think they complement one another. In this style of yoga we practice in a slow pace, where we hold poses for longer, to target the connective tissues within our bodies. whilst a gong bath it’s like bathing in a sound bath… Read More »Coming soon…..


First Gong bath at the yoga studio, yes for sure I’m attending this….. Intuitively I led my yoga practice before the Gong bath, on a heart opening. Maybe I felt like we could open our hearts to receive what is to come with no expectations… The two combinations were an amazing experience, but also to of had reiki with sound therapy, was even more perfect, the shifts I experienced was profound.… Read More »Wow…..

Photo shoot….

Been and gone, photos have arrived!     Exciting! The day we had booked to do this, ended being grey and wet, so nature decided it wasn’t our day! Taking thing in your own stride….. just meant that I got to go to a vegan healthy living festival, which was to support EACH charity, for longer, more time to browse, to connect with people. Luckily we both were free the… Read More »Photo shoot….

Organising a photo shoot

Recently I thought about getting a professional to take some photos for my website, but became paralysed by the choice. How did I choose who? How did I choose where? How did I choose which poses? There was so much to think about, and I didn’t even know all of the unknowns! My mind was full of questions, but I knew what would help. I decided a bit of yoga… Read More »Organising a photo shoot


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This morning I was reminded how yoga helps me in my daily life. I woke up, and started getting on with my day. What I hadn’t realised at the time was that I went to the studio to teach thinking it was Friday! The studio is having work done at the minute, and when I arrived, the builders were surprised to see me. They said that I wasn’t due in,… Read More »Oops!

Who for?…….. With Love

Dedicating this to one of my besties of  30 years! I had my first yoga experience with this special lady about 18 years ago. She was pregnant and wanted to go to yoga, but didn’t want to go by herself and asked me to go with her. I loved the feeling I got from the classes, but at that time in my life I was a bit of an adrenaline junkie,… Read More »Who for?…….. With Love

A venue change!

Just when you think every thing is goes to plan, something happens, and all change..! That’s where yoga has helped me, to deal with things in a lighter way. It doesn’t make matters go away, but it helps you look at things in a different light. When life is not going as one thought, it’s ok! Life is forever changing, nothing can stay the same. Things happen in life, and… Read More »A venue change!

Organising our 5th yoga charity event.

   Fitting in life with two busy schedules is some what challenging at times but doable. We try to make each event slightly different in one way or another to keep it individual every time. It always has a fun aspect to them as we cater for all abilities. Giving back to the community makes it all worth while for us. To help raise awareness and money for different local… Read More »Organising our 5th yoga charity event.