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As you know, I’ve been doing meditation throughout lock down, I’ve been doing lots of types but it’s all ultimately meditation. One type with my yoga teacher was working on my inner child, and now I’m about to start another 28 days with him for letting go and recharging. Really looking forward to it. I’m also just about to finish a 21 day meditation course with Deepak Chopra on renewing… Read More »Meditation

Back to it!

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Preparing to get back in the studio. I have all the logistics of everything to make it work going round my head! We will start back in the studio on Tuesday 15th – tomorrow! As we do this, be considerate to everyone, as we all have different thoughts on how we feel about coming back. We’ll give it a go and see how we all feel. If you feel ill… Read More »Back to it!

Free yoga session review

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The free yin yoga was lovely to do, and I got to see a couple faces I haven’t seen for a while, which was really good. It was nice to do it in this setting as that everyone was relaxed, and because they were in their own homes, it meant they didn’t have to get up, get organised and sort transport back home afterwards. They could just stay in their… Read More »Free yoga session review


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I get asked a lot if I can teach someone to meditate, or if we do it in our yoga/asana practice. I often hear people saying that they just don’t get it, but as time goes on it changes to “I get it now “. So what changed? Sometimes I say to people it’s possible that they need to work on breathing properly before trying to meditate, and the looks… Read More »Meditation

“But I’ve never done yoga!”

I’m sure a lot of us, and our friends and family have thought at some point “I want to start yoga”. It’s so often followed by “but I’m not sure…” The how, whats and whys get in the way! It’s really not daunting at all; all you have to do is commit to the time and turn up. It’s OK if you don’t feel “ready” for yoga – you’ll be… Read More »“But I’ve never done yoga!”

A traditional Cambridge experience

As you may know, since lockdown I’ve been cycling around more and discovering places I’ve never been to, or even knew that they existed. But one thing I’ve never experienced is being a cyclist in Cambridge, so we did it! Put our bikes in the car and off we went. It was great to see the place on different transportation, as usually for me it’s my legs or the car.… Read More »A traditional Cambridge experience

Free yoga session, 31st August!

I’ll be hosting a free yin yoga session, on Monday 31st from 6-7pm on Zoom! I want to do this so more people can try it out and see what this type of yoga is about, and give back to the community. Thankyou so much for supporting me so far! Facebook event: Please remember you need to message me to get the details to join the meeting, and make… Read More »Free yoga session, 31st August!

Time to talk

One of the best things about lock down is that it’s made people stop and see other people, rather than rushing on by, including me! I’ve found that people passing will say hello and not think your weird for saying it, like we used to when I was growing up! People even want to stop and chat, and it just feels more pleasant somehow. Obviously not everyone, but I won’t… Read More »Time to talk

How are you, really?

Back to work, and as things start to change (for better, for worse?) how does it feel for you? For me, it’s OK, but there’s a lot of adjusting. In the hair salon it’s ticking asking. I’m getting used to the adjustments but some bits still feel tough. I’ll get there. Yoga on Zoom is good. I’ve adjusted well to that, and again it’s great that we can meet in… Read More »How are you, really?


Recently we got out all of our camping gear, to take stock and see what needed a fix or replacement. Once the tent was set up in the garden I was desperate to go camping. I thought that I could just do that in the garden until everything opens again! Camping will be our cheap little getaway for the rest of the year; even if it’s just one night and… Read More »Camping!