About Ying

An eternal student

In 2015 I went on a yoga teacher training course to deepen my own practice, but once I finished I found I had been given a wonderful gift to share and introduce my passion with people. I love the fact that yoga is open to everyone regardless of your age, race, or gender.

I am a forever student, and love learning from new workshops and courses, passing on the knowledge and insight I gain, but I always learn from my students too.

I have practised all styles of yoga and love them all for their own reasons. Personally I find that flow is better fit all round for the biggest group of people. I love that I can borrow from other styles and add bits in to my own classes making it more unique, tailored to suit whom is practicing with me and how the energy of the group is at that present time.

I teach a gentle flow style, with a bit of fun added. Classes are both slow and dynamic – they definitely have a yang and yin feel! I feel we live in a hectic society, and we need to regularly reset before we burn out, so there’s plenty of relaxation too. Total zen!

With the experience i’ve gained it allows me to confidently grow and work with the stresses of everyday life that one has. Weather it be trauma or overcoming life experiences, my ethos is to be here to support and help you work through this by movement, breath and meditation…. even with reiki or body work for your personal growth.

I first came across cacao in 2014 whilst praticipating in a charity yogathon. It wasn’t like i got in to it in the ceremonial way to start with just was drinking and eating it, till the last year and half something in me said i needed too.

I’ve tried some other brands but nothing gave me the heart opening, the sense of focus and grounding like keith’s cacao, the cacao that came to me back in 2014. Yes i’ve done a full cicrle.

Why keith’s cacao? Because i’ve been doing more inner work and this is the one that can helps, guides and gives one the access to this journey.

Why? As it’s low in caffeine and high in theobromine which is a gentle long lasting work on the cardiovascular system. where a lot of others are high in caffeine which is a nervous system stimulant and you do not get the grounded and centered feeling -mental focus.

Cacao allows you to flow with your creative side, to have fun… along with so much more health benefits. It’s a SUPERFOOD as well!

Having the blissful awarness as the journey progresses whilst accessing self love, joy, peace and happiness.

Try for yourself snd join me on a cacao ceremony.

Here’s a link for you to order your 100% pure ceremonial grade cacao, also receive a discount on your first order.


As a massage therapist, reiki and cacao practitioner, meditation breath work teacher, i can offer these as separate treatments. (If you are intrested in any of these please contact me to arrange an appointment)

Also i’m part of a organic CBD product’s company, organic fruit and vegatables product and a great skin, body care company is about good health and wellness.

The interest i have for healing the body in a natural way and feed it the right nutrition is why I’m involved with these companies. With this in mind I’m also conscious of using non toxic products on the body and at home.

Complementing the work i offer and my ethos for one’s wellbeing. Check out link below for more information