First Gong bath at the yoga studio, yes for sure I’m attending this…..

Intuitively I led my yoga practice before the Gong bath, on a heart opening. Maybe I felt like we could open our hearts to receive what is to come with no expectations…

The two combinations were an amazing experience, but also to of had reiki with sound therapy, was even more perfect, the shifts I experienced was profound.

As the experience is different for all, was great to talk to everyone about it afterwards, weather they experienced any thing or not that evening because energetically it will still be working for a few days after.

As the vibrations of the gong penetrate in to every cell of your body.

Just be in the moment and present to what’s coming up and happening without any judgement is all you need to do. Be open minded, but simply relax in to pure bliss.



Photo shoot….

Been and gone, photos have arrived!     Exciting!

The day we had booked to do this, ended being grey and wet, so nature decided it wasn’t our day! Taking thing in your own stride….. just meant that I got to go to a vegan healthy living festival, which was to support EACH charity, for longer, more time to browse, to connect with people.

Luckily we both were free the next day and the weather forecast was suppose to be nice and bright.
Yes it was….. the shoot was great.

Ali was so good in finding the setting where we would have great natural lighting and beautiful scenery for us to do this, she would also help me with how to strike my yoga pose…..

I loved how it was not structured as we just went with it, what was to come, made me feel more comfortable and at ease.

As it quite cold I found it hard to get in to some poses, for the reason of my body not being warmed up enough. Goes to show how important it is to warm ones body before a practice.

I just love this time of year outside, well I actually love all season for its own rights.
But the low sun light with the rustic feel of the fallen autumn leaves with the beautiful colours. How perfect to do yoga in…

I couldn’t recommend Ali more if you want some one who is creative with a great eye….




Organising a photo shoot

Recently I thought about getting a professional to take some photos for my website, but became paralysed by the choice. How did I choose who? How did I choose where? How did I choose which poses?

There was so much to think about, and I didn’t even know all of the unknowns! My mind was full of questions, but I knew what would help. I decided a bit of yoga and meditation was on the cards. I thought I’d come back to myself with a clearer head.

It worked a charm. I thought carefully about “who”, and knew that she’d be helpful and guiding. That’s how the universe works. After talking to the photographer, she was so reassuring with everything from the setting to how we will work together, and I felt great.

So I’m now looking forward to doing this outside in this beautiful weather, close to nature. It may be a little chilly but the sunlight is always so pretty late evening: low sun and autumn leaves! The perfect setting.

Photos to follow!






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