Back in the studio

I was a bit apprehensive to get back to the studio with all the extra guidelines to consider. I went there with all my mats to work out how many could safely fit in whilst keeping distanced. Obviously class numbers are now smaller.

As I was getting ready, the government announced the 6 people rule (to add another spanner in the works!), but after checking all of the small print and exemptions, luckily it doesn’t apply to us.

Getting back to seeing people in person was so good; everyone agreed. The community, the bond, and human connection hadn’t disappeared!

It was so good to hear the lovely feedback afterwards, too.

I loved that one class started clapping after the class, with the happiness of being back. In another class, when I asked a question, asking them to answer me back with a wave, they all kept their hands up. I had to say that it was OK for them to put their hands down!

(I know you’re probably wondering what the question was now. If you were in class you would know – I’ll let you in to the secret on another blog, maybe!)

Thank you to all the yogis that have supported me on Zoom while patiently waiting for the studio to reopen! That’s all of you!! You’re all amazing!!

Love and light. Namaste x



As you know, I’ve been doing meditation throughout lock down, I’ve been doing lots of types but it’s all ultimately meditation.

One type with my yoga teacher was working on my inner child, and now I’m about to start another 28 days with him for letting go and recharging. Really looking forward to it.

I’m also just about to finish a 21 day meditation course with Deepak Chopra on renewing yourself (body, mind, and spirit) which has also been great. I’ve read a few of his books and listened to some podcasts of his, but I’d never done one of his meditations. This was free, so I gave it a try. It was so good I went back to buy it so I can revisit it. I’d love to go on one of his retreats one day.

So, I’m back to a slightly more typical work life now. Things seem to get dropped, even when we promise ourselves we won’t. The one thing I can guarantee is that I will never ever drop meditation from my daily yoga practice!

Try it some time!


Back to it!

Preparing to get back in the studio. I have all the logistics of everything to make it work going round my head! We will start back in the studio on Tuesday 15th – tomorrow!

As we do this, be considerate to everyone, as we all have different thoughts on how we feel about coming back. We’ll give it a go and see how we all feel.

If you feel ill in any way, shape or form please do not come to class. Please remember how your actions may affect others and their families at this time.

We maybe using a one way system on Tuesdays as White Tara is open to other people. Wednesdays are generally just us, so we may be using the same entrance and exit; please just look out for the signs.

I’m going to do everything can to ensure we all keep well. I’ve visited the venue to play around with mat spacing. Worked out things that can and cannot stay in the studio. Little things you’d never usually think of!

I know it will flow well as soon as we are in there, the extra worry is all the planning, and extra time needed before and after classes, where I’ll need to make sure that it’s all clean for everyone’s benefit. I hope everyone else using the space does too, but I know that the studio will also be deep cleaned.

This is all done to help you feel comfortable enough to come back, or start if you’re wanting to give yoga a go.

My online booking system is ready to go on a first come first served basis, with a waiting list if necessary. If you feel unwell at all, or can’t make it, please cancel so I can offer the space along.

I’m getting booked up already which is exciting, and I cannot wait to see everyone in person!


Free yoga session review

The free yin yoga was lovely to do, and I got to see a couple faces I haven’t seen for a while, which was really good.

It was nice to do it in this setting as that everyone was relaxed, and because they were in their own homes, it meant they didn’t have to get up, get organised and sort transport back home afterwards.

They could just stay in their relaxed mode and do whatever was in their normal plan, or even take time to do nothing but just be for a while.

So I think that I’m going to somehow slot in a yin yoga evening practice once a month on Zoom! I will keep you posted on when I’ll be doing this; I’m not sure it will be a certain day every month, but I will give you notice. At this moment I’m thinking a Monday, after a weekend.

Please keep your eyes out for this on the blog, Facebook Instagram, or Twitter if you want to join in!



I get asked a lot if I can teach someone to meditate, or if we do it in our yoga/asana practice. I often hear people saying that they just don’t get it, but as time goes on it changes to “I get it now “. So what changed?

Sometimes I say to people it’s possible that they need to work on breathing properly before trying to meditate, and the looks I get..! Breath is definitely underrated, and people think you don’t need to consider it.

Learning to really breathe is hard, and if we feel our breath first, we loosen. This, along with yoga/asana practice, eventually allows us to sit and meditate.

The asana is the moving part of yoga practice, and this ultimately prepares the body to sit in meditation.

Remember meditation is still yoga; just a part of it. There’s actually lots to yoga! More for another post!