CBD Goodness

As you know, there has been a lot of hype recently over CBD – an oil – also known as cannabis oil.

It’s not used to get stoned or high, but all about providing the goodness, and can help towards general health and well being. It took me a long time to get round to trying it, as I wanted to find one without any THC in it. The THC (tetrahydrocannabinaol) is the part which can be responsible for the ‘high’ that some people experience, and can have other nasty side effects. We all have cannabinol in our bodies, which it what the CBD oil links to in our receptors, but I was keen to find a 0% THC one; even if people say it’s a minimum amount, it’s still there.

Eventually I was recommended a company which sells organic CBD without THC – an obvious winner for me! The reason I take it is to optimise my health: I can prevent my body from tipping to acidic heavy, and help reduce inflammation. It’s already starting to work – I have past injuries, and have had recurring niggles from an operation, but they’ve gone now!

This product is hemp CBD oil, but the provider is committed to using the whole plant after the CBD oil has been extracted, so it’s not wasteful either! If you’re interested and want more information, have a look at

For more information check out this page, or feel free to ask me any questions!