Sunday Bliss…….

Recently, we held our second yin yoga and gong bath session, but the uptake was slow, and not many came. However, those who attended got a huge release, and it’s always amazing to help provide that, and to be a part of it.

I got asked the question “don’t you want to join in?”, as I was leading the session. Yes I do! I’m proud of the sessions I run, but having someone to oversee and make sure participants are fully benefitting is more important to me, and I still get benefits myself.

I still had the gong bath vibrations washing over me, and running through me. I’d been feeling really emotional for a few days prior to the event; welling up and crying in my drive to work. The gong bath and the sheer energy of the evening helped to heal me. I felt tired the day after – after effects of the release and healing from the yin yoga as well as the gong bath.

It’s an honour to be part of this and share these processes with our fantastic students. I’m grateful to be able to team up with Vicky and offer this in the wonderful space we have in White Tara in Newmarket.

Our next session will be for the Summer Solstice – watch this space!