A new class..?

A new class with some differences could appear on the timetable in the new year, so do watch this space..!

What is it?! Shall I let you in to a little secret or not?

Well it will definitely be a small class, and it will remain like even when the covid rules are gone. It’s likely to be weekly on a Tuesday evening at 6.30pm.

And I’m really hoping it will stay and be popular enough to keep it in the timetable!

I’ll let you know about it very soon…


Headstand workshop

Due to the second lockdown, the foundations of headstand workshop was postponed from November to yesterday, but we finally did it, only losing a few people who couldn’t make the new date!

It wasn’t a large group, because I wanted to be able to get around and help each and every person there. Everyone started at different levels, yet all achieved more than they thought they would. It was so nice to witness and help this!

We are all on our self journey and we have our own limits on how and where we feel we are at, which is ok. It’s great getting to share someone’s sense of self achievement, becoming part of their journey.

And if you missed out yesterday, the great news is there’s another one arranged for February!

You do not need to have done a headstand before to participate, I will walk you through step by step to help you reach a place that’s right for you.

Remember you will be able to do it and even if you think you cannot, you can (the group thought this too!).

Come along on Sunday 7th February and see for yourself!

Join us and learn, play and practice just for fun!