“But I’ve never done yoga!”

I’m sure a lot of us, and our friends and family have thought at some point “I want to start yoga”. It’s so often followed by “but I’m not sure…” The how, whats and whys get in the way!

It’s really not daunting at all; all you have to do is commit to the time and turn up. It’s OK if you don’t feel “ready” for yoga – you’ll be surprised what happens on the mat!

I always say (whatever you’re trying) give it a go 3 times before you make a decision. It’s possible you like aspects of yoga, but not the exact style you’ve tried: go and try another yoga with someone else! We can not be everyone’s cup of tea, but there’s a cup of tea for everyone!

Remember to not be hard on yourself. Listen to how your body feels (yes you will feel lots of information overload when you start! It will all become natural and slot in to place eventually!) We all start somewhere and it’s not about anyone else, just yourself. Don’t compare yourself with other yogis

Just give it a try and see. Message me if you want to join a free taster session tonight – 6pm on Zoom. See you there!


A traditional Cambridge experience

As you may know, since lockdown I’ve been cycling around more and discovering places I’ve never been to, or even knew that they existed.

But one thing I’ve never experienced is being a cyclist in Cambridge, so we did it! Put our bikes in the car and off we went.

It was great to see the place on different transportation, as usually for me it’s my legs or the car.

We went across the commons and to places I’ve never been to. Best of all was that there weren’t that many people around and you could get by easily – definitely not always possible in Cambridge!

We stopped in town for an ice cream, and chatted to an interesting lady for a while before we were back on our bikes exploring.

How often we spend all of our time travelling, away, when there are so many gems on our doorsteps! Love to explore, love Cambridge.


Free yoga session, 31st August!

I’ll be hosting a free yin yoga session, on Monday 31st from 6-7pm on Zoom! I want to do this so more people can try it out and see what this type of yoga is about, and give back to the community. Thankyou so much for supporting me so far!

Facebook event: https://m.facebook.com/events/327161021814341

Please remember you need to message me to get the details to join the meeting, and make sure you have registered with Zoom beforehand!

You will need a mat, a blanket, a couple of brick/blocks (if you do not have these use a couple of hardback books), a bolster (if you do not have one use a large towel or another blanket), and an eye pillow if you would like too.

I know we’ll be working in your own home, and some of you may not have these things, but we can definitely compromise and use other household items! I’ll show you on the evening to make a bolster if needed.

Please join 10 minutes before so we can get organised and settled together.

Do let your friends and families know, and I’ll see you bank holiday Monday – what a great way to end it!


Time to talk

One of the best things about lock down is that it’s made people stop and see other people, rather than rushing on by, including me! I’ve found that people passing will say hello and not think your weird for saying it, like we used to when I was growing up!

People even want to stop and chat, and it just feels more pleasant somehow. Obviously not everyone, but I won’t get in to that one today. Maybe another blog post sometime.

Is this because we have all slowed down and we just have the time? Nowhere to go, nowhere to be, just in the present!

How refreshing this is; will this last or will it go back to how it was when we lived in the rat race of life?

We can only hope that this is here to stay!


How are you, really?

Back to work, and as things start to change (for better, for worse?) how does it feel for you?

For me, it’s OK, but there’s a lot of adjusting. In the hair salon it’s ticking asking. I’m getting used to the adjustments but some bits still feel tough. I’ll get there.

Yoga on Zoom is good. I’ve adjusted well to that, and again it’s great that we can meet in this way, but I’m really missing the studio. The people, the connection, the bond we all have in a class setting: it’s totally different online.

So maybe there’ll be even more differences and more adjusting to do when we get back, who knows? It won’t be easy to go back to “normal”.

I’m going to get in touch with everyone again in September to see how everyone feels about classes restarting, and how visible it will all be.

Everyone is adjusting their lives at the moment, but it’s still vital to make the most of it!



Recently we got out all of our camping gear, to take stock and see what needed a fix or replacement.

Once the tent was set up in the garden I was desperate to go camping. I thought that I could just do that in the garden until everything opens again!

Camping will be our cheap little getaway for the rest of the year; even if it’s just one night and not too far from home, it’s still a break and an escape. And if everything is in good working order, it will be very easy to do this on the spur of the moment.

It’s amazing to pack up and go into nature, wherever it is and however you get there. Woodlands, lakes, beaches… Whether you drive, walk, cycle, ride a motorbike…

The world is your oyster, where will it take you?


Nothing to do

I just love sitting in the sunshine with nothing to do. It does not matter where you are – you can just sit and be. Take time to ponder, stop, and process.

Reminiscing to oneself about how far you have come, what you have done, what things you may like to do, and what you are yet to achieve.

However, we often don’t allow ourselves to do this. We always have to be doing something.

It’s not about beating yourself up over what you wish you had achieved – it’s about taking time to realise you *have* achieved. However big or small, it’s an achievement.

But forget about all that for the minute, and just ponder on what you have now. Enjoy the moment spent to stop and just sit with nothing to do. Just breathe.

Enjoy the moment of now!


Different days

Some days we can get into a yoga asana and some days we can’t. That’s all ok.

Everyday is a different day.

We will find some easy, and some hard.

It depends on so many things; there’s no one reason.

Just enjoy today’s practice for what your body needs.

We all have these different days, it’s not just you.

Just go with it and let your body flow free. It might happen, or might not.

Remember everything is good, difference is what makes us, and the best way to be is to be however you feel today. Don’t force yourself or your body.

Enjoy your practice, celebrate the little wins, and if you want to do a yoga session with me get in touch!


Yoga for everyone

I was thinking how I love that more and more men are doing yoga, and that we’re losing the stigma that it’s for grannies, hippies or that it’s so easy why should we bother?!

I’ve never set up a male yoga class as I love the diversity, and I’m lucky that I do have men in my classes already!

Maybe in lockdown everyone has had reflection time for themselves!

I’m grateful for the men that have reached out to me as we’ve started to ease out of lockdown for 1-1 sessions, for health or to facilitate healing of injuries.

Knowing that it’s ok to look after yourself and that you are important is the key for everyone, whatever gender you are!

One of the men from my classes said that by doing yoga “men are manning up, to be able to feel and work on themselves” I love that! But it’s not just men, I think it’s for all!

I’m even more grateful that I get to share and witness their journeys with them, and it’s amazing whether it’s in a class or 1-1s!

If you feel you want to try yoga please feel free to get in touch here, on Facebook, or Instagram!