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A yoga teacher in Cambridge and Newmarket. Click on my website for more details ✨ https://ying-yoga.com/

Why Liforme yoga mats?

Over the years I’ve used quite a few types and brands of mat – in various studios as well as my own personal ones. I know that at £100 the Liforme mats seem expensive, but they are so worth it. They give the perfect amount of grip so you’re not slipping whilst you’re moving in your asana practice, and if you want to, you can use the marking on the… Read More »Why Liforme yoga mats?

Headstand workshop – 22/11

In November I’ll be holding a workshop to explore the foundation of a headstand. It will be fun exploring the foundation to be able to get lift and learning how to stabilise – no fear or pressure! And then you can decide how far you want to go; whether you just want to lift up in to headstand or not, against the wall or not..! Even if you’ve never tried… Read More »Headstand workshop – 22/11

Non-virtual workshops!

We finally got to do our first workshop event of a Yin yoga and gong bath since lockdown! Vicky and I were super excited to do this, and yet again it was a lovely collective energy. Luckily the pandemic hadn’t changed that, even though the group was much smaller to fit in with the guidelines. One downside to the guidelines was that it sold out very quickly, as numbers were… Read More »Non-virtual workshops!

Want to come to class?

It’s so lovely that people are reaching out to restart (or start!) yoga. The main thing to note is that there is limited space, and booking must be done online in advance. There is a waiting list, so please do cancel your spot as far as possible in advance if you know you can’t make it. Please don’t be put off by this though! I would absolutely love you to… Read More »Want to come to class?

Little traditions

It’s funny how the only thing I’ve ever really kept up with was having my toe nails painted (for the past 25 years!) I stopped painting them myself years ago, and I also got rid of all my nail polishes. It was sort of the only thing in my life that I kept that had a bit of toxicity on the body. Then lockdown happened, and once they were off… Read More »Little traditions

Back in the studio

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I was a bit apprehensive to get back to the studio with all the extra guidelines to consider. I went there with all my mats to work out how many could safely fit in whilst keeping distanced. Obviously class numbers are now smaller. As I was getting ready, the government announced the 6 people rule (to add another spanner in the works!), but after checking all of the small print… Read More »Back in the studio


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As you know, I’ve been doing meditation throughout lock down, I’ve been doing lots of types but it’s all ultimately meditation. One type with my yoga teacher was working on my inner child, and now I’m about to start another 28 days with him for letting go and recharging. Really looking forward to it. I’m also just about to finish a 21 day meditation course with Deepak Chopra on renewing… Read More »Meditation

Back to it!

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Preparing to get back in the studio. I have all the logistics of everything to make it work going round my head! We will start back in the studio on Tuesday 15th – tomorrow! As we do this, be considerate to everyone, as we all have different thoughts on how we feel about coming back. We’ll give it a go and see how we all feel. If you feel ill… Read More »Back to it!

Free yoga session review

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The free yin yoga was lovely to do, and I got to see a couple faces I haven’t seen for a while, which was really good. It was nice to do it in this setting as that everyone was relaxed, and because they were in their own homes, it meant they didn’t have to get up, get organised and sort transport back home afterwards. They could just stay in their… Read More »Free yoga session review


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I get asked a lot if I can teach someone to meditate, or if we do it in our yoga/asana practice. I often hear people saying that they just don’t get it, but as time goes on it changes to “I get it now “. So what changed? Sometimes I say to people it’s possible that they need to work on breathing properly before trying to meditate, and the looks… Read More »Meditation