CBD Goodness

As you know, there has been a lot of hype recently over CBD – an oil – also known as cannabis oil.

It’s not used to get stoned or high, but all about providing the goodness, and can help towards general health and well being. It took me a long time to get round to trying it, as I wanted to find one without any THC in it. The THC (tetrahydrocannabinaol) is the part which can be responsible for the ‘high’ that some people experience, and can have other nasty side effects. We all have cannabinol in our bodies, which it what the CBD oil links to in our receptors, but I was keen to find a 0% THC one; even if people say it’s a minimum amount, it’s still there.

Eventually I was recommended a company which sells organic CBD without THC – an obvious winner for me! The reason I take it is to optimise my health: I can prevent my body from tipping to acidic heavy, and help reduce inflammation. It’s already starting to work – I have past injuries, and have had recurring niggles from an operation, but they’ve gone now!

This product is hemp CBD oil, but the provider is committed to using the whole plant after the CBD oil has been extracted, so it’s not wasteful either! If you’re interested and want more information, have a look at

For more information check out this page, or feel free to ask me any questions!

Sunday Bliss…….

Recently, we held our second yin yoga and gong bath session, but the uptake was slow, and not many came. However, those who attended got a huge release, and it’s always amazing to help provide that, and to be a part of it.

I got asked the question “don’t you want to join in?”, as I was leading the session. Yes I do! I’m proud of the sessions I run, but having someone to oversee and make sure participants are fully benefitting is more important to me, and I still get benefits myself.

I still had the gong bath vibrations washing over me, and running through me. I’d been feeling really emotional for a few days prior to the event; welling up and crying in my drive to work. The gong bath and the sheer energy of the evening helped to heal me. I felt tired the day after – after effects of the release and healing from the yin yoga as well as the gong bath.

It’s an honour to be part of this and share these processes with our fantastic students. I’m grateful to be able to team up with Vicky and offer this in the wonderful space we have in White Tara in Newmarket.

Our next session will be for the Summer Solstice – watch this space!

Coming soon…..


First time in doing this for me and to be working together, very exciting, collaborating with Vicky to put on yin yoga and gong bath….

Why? Because I think they complement one another.

In this style of yoga we practice in a slow pace, where we hold poses for longer, to target the connective tissues within our bodies.

whilst a gong bath it’s like bathing in a sound bath without water. The sound vibrations and frequency’s have healing properties.

Just to be in a blissful moment of time for 2 hours, what more could you ask for? Moment of zen and in candle light.


Come and join us on Sunday 4th February 6-8pm, at Studio White Tara. Newmarket. All for £25. Each.  Some refreshments after and time to chat.

If you would like to join us call or message on 07923647780 to book and advance payment to secure your space, as it’s limited spaces.



First Gong bath at the yoga studio, yes for sure I’m attending this…..

Intuitively I led my yoga practice before the Gong bath, on a heart opening. Maybe I felt like we could open our hearts to receive what is to come with no expectations…

The two combinations were an amazing experience, but also to of had reiki with sound therapy, was even more perfect, the shifts I experienced was profound.

As the experience is different for all, was great to talk to everyone about it afterwards, weather they experienced any thing or not that evening because energetically it will still be working for a few days after.

As the vibrations of the gong penetrate in to every cell of your body.

Just be in the moment and present to what’s coming up and happening without any judgement is all you need to do. Be open minded, but simply relax in to pure bliss.


Photo shoot….

Been and gone, photos have arrived!     Exciting!

The day we had booked to do this, ended being grey and wet, so nature decided it wasn’t our day! Taking thing in your own stride….. just meant that I got to go to a vegan healthy living festival, which was to support EACH charity, for longer, more time to browse, to connect with people.

Luckily we both were free the next day and the weather forecast was suppose to be nice and bright.
Yes it was….. the shoot was great.

Ali was so good in finding the setting where we would have great natural lighting and beautiful scenery for us to do this, she would also help me with how to strike my yoga pose…..

I loved how it was not structured as we just went with it, what was to come, made me feel more comfortable and at ease.

As it quite cold I found it hard to get in to some poses, for the reason of my body not being warmed up enough. Goes to show how important it is to warm ones body before a practice.

I just love this time of year outside, well I actually love all season for its own rights.
But the low sun light with the rustic feel of the fallen autumn leaves with the beautiful colours. How perfect to do yoga in…

I couldn’t recommend Ali more if you want some one who is creative with a great eye….



Organising a photo shoot

Recently I thought about getting a professional to take some photos for my website, but became paralysed by the choice. How did I choose who? How did I choose where? How did I choose which poses?

There was so much to think about, and I didn’t even know all of the unknowns! My mind was full of questions, but I knew what would help. I decided a bit of yoga and meditation was on the cards. I thought I’d come back to myself with a clearer head.

It worked a charm. I thought carefully about “who”, and knew that she’d be helpful and guiding. That’s how the universe works. After talking to the photographer, she was so reassuring with everything from the setting to how we will work together, and I felt great.

So I’m now looking forward to doing this outside in this beautiful weather, close to nature. It may be a little chilly but the sunlight is always so pretty late evening: low sun and autumn leaves! The perfect setting.

Photos to follow!






Placeholder Image


This morning I was reminded how yoga helps me in my daily life. I woke up, and started getting on with my day. What I hadn’t realised at the time was that I went to the studio to teach thinking it was Friday!

The studio is having work done at the minute, and when I arrived, the builders were surprised to see me. They said that I wasn’t due in, and even if I was it wasn’t till 10am (bearing in mind it was only 7.40am!)

But I’m in now, definitely!, I replied. The builders needed to be finished that day, and had been told the studio would be empty. I decided to call a yogi to check that they were coming to class. Her reply? “It’s Thursday Ying!”

So turns out I wasn’t meant to be there at all! No harm done – just laughing to myself with the builders. I sent a text to the owner too, informing her of my crazy moment, and she thought it was funny too.

And so I prompted. Yoga helps me to take everything in my stride – taking things as they come whether I’m right or wrong.


Who for?…….. With Love

Dedicating this to one of my besties of  30 years!

I had my first yoga experience with this special lady about 18 years ago. She was pregnant and wanted to go to yoga, but didn’t want to go by herself and asked me to go with her. I loved the feeling I got from the classes, but at that time in my life I was a bit of an adrenaline junkie, and yoga then was not as dynamic as you can get these days! But when I needed to break from the hecticness, yoga came back to me in the softer way as before. Coming to rest with my demons maybe? but that’s another story…

Anyway, enough of me – my bestie went through a lot. I know you’re going to say we all do, and yes we do! But it makes us who we are today and not to judge others!

As I mentioned, she was pregnant, but sadly she lost him. Then it happened again. She had had two still births, and understandably she went awol. Ended up on heroin, in prison.. Luckily she was fortunate enough to turn her life around with the support of family and friends.

Years later she still had a guilty conscience about her boys and couldn’t deal with it at the time. She found Petals, who’ve helped her come to terms with everything through counselling; helping her get the boys’ birth certificates, and knowing where the ashes were scattered.

Petals helps parents that have suffered complications or miscarriage of their pregnancy, and is based at Addenbrookes Hospital. You can find out more about them here: http://petalscharity.org

So, the charity which Charity Warriors will be raising money and awareness for is Petals. My bestie is an amazing lady, no matter what, and this charity is as close to my heart as it is to hers. She’s been so supportive, and has been there for all our past events. This is a way to honour and pay tribute to her two beautiful angels. Actually, there are really three of them, as my other bestie of 33 years has sadly been through the same.


Tickets available at https://www.eventbrite.com/e/mini-yoga-charity-festival-tickets-36389855036

For more information about this event and future events, check us out, like us, and follow us!


A venue change!

Just when you think every thing is goes to plan, something happens, and all change..!

That’s where yoga has helped me, to deal with things in a lighter way. It doesn’t make matters go away, but it helps you look at things in a different light. When life is not going as one thought, it’s ok! Life is forever changing, nothing can stay the same. Things happen in life, and we just make the change and get on. I’m a great believer that things happen for a reason.

So as you know our next charity yoga event (Charity Warriors) is on Sunday 9th July, 11.45am-1.15pm. We’re sorry to say we have had to change our venue, it will now be held at Hughes Hall, and if it’s a beautiful day we will be in the garden grounds (if not we will be in the Pavilion room).

Please book your mat spaces on eventbrite.co.uk for £10, where all proceeds will go to Red Balloon Charity. We would love for you to stay afterwards, and join us for tea, cake, and nibbles, if you are free!


Organising our 5th yoga charity event.

   Fitting in life with two busy schedules is some what challenging at times but doable.
We try to make each event slightly different in one way or another to keep it individual every time. It always has a fun aspect to them as we cater for all abilities.

Giving back to the community makes it all worth while for us. To help raise awareness and money for different local charities. Also to see happy refreshed people after our event is very rewarding, especially when there are people who have never done yoga before enjoying the experience.

we have been lucky enough to have a good support network in Cambridge to get venues and photographers for free, also in the past great companies that have supported us with our goodie bags.

But most importantly the amazing yogis that come along and support us! and sorry also the great people whom have donated money but unfortunately couldn’t make it, you all helped us make a little difference somewhere in the world!
Our next event (aka.Charity Warriors) is on Sunday 9th July at Cofifteen 11.45am-1.15pm for the Red Balloon charity. Check our my Facebook page for more details.IMG_1927