Little traditions

It’s funny how the only thing I’ve ever really kept up with was having my toe nails painted (for the past 25 years!)

I stopped painting them myself years ago,
and I also got rid of all my nail polishes. It was sort of the only thing in my life that I kept that had a bit of toxicity on the body.

Then lockdown happened, and once they were off I thought “oh my god, what am I going to do?”. I decided I was going to try au naturel.

If I’m totally honest, I didn’t like it! Well, not exactly, but it took a lot of getting used to and it was so strange to see my feet with no colour!

Even now one day I’ll look at them, and think “yes, I can live with that”, but the next day it’s “no I really can’t!”

I still haven’t had them painted, and still haven’t purchased any polish. You’re probably wondering why haven’t done them myself. The truth is I’m not good at painting nails, and I would get frustrated if I did get them right!

How vain am I?

I know. Lots. But even more once you hear this…
As I was preparing to go back to in person teaching at the studio, my immediate though was that my feet would be on show, and I needed to get my toenails painted!

However, I’ve held off. I’ve done a few classes now, and I’m going with it to see how it is for me!

Do you have any before and after lockdown changes?

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