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Wakey wakey

What’s your favourite smoothie right now?

OMG I have a new one and I have to share with you, it’s so tasty and a good wake up call!

This is an extra nice one for a boost….. You ready? I’m excited for you to try and please let me know your thoughts once you tried it!

Ingredients to go in a blender: Almond milk. Cacao powder. Peanut butter. Dates. Shot of espresso coffee. Blend and drink!

All as organic as you can. Now can you see why it’s a perfect wake up call?

Maybe if your not wanting too much of a lift, you could leave the coffee out…….

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Virtual wellness retreat

I’m collaborating with a life long friend….. We are offering a virtual wellness retreat day Sunday 28th March 9-3.30pm

You will get the opportunity to try yoga, meditation, Pilates, jazzercise also gaining some knowledge on nutrition and skincare.

Hurry as the special offer runs out tomorrow, 20% off the full day price…

If you miss out on that, then it will be for as little as £30 for the day, or £7 per class if you can not commit to the full day.

A perfect way of self care and indulgence in your own home. Even treating a loved one to join you on a virtually splendid day! Celebrating spring or Mother’s Day maybe?

It’s easier for us to keep bookings contain in one place, so please visit Dawn’s website to get your space reserved. http://www.pilateswithdawn.com

Hope to see you on zoom for a well deserved time! Namaste x


A new class..?

A new class with some differences could appear on the timetable in the new year, so do watch this space..!

What is it?! Shall I let you in to a little secret or not?

Well it will definitely be a small class, and it will remain like even when the covid rules are gone. It’s likely to be weekly on a Tuesday evening at 6.30pm.

And I’m really hoping it will stay and be popular enough to keep it in the timetable!

I’ll let you know about it very soon…


Headstand workshop

Due to the second lockdown, the foundations of headstand workshop was postponed from November to yesterday, but we finally did it, only losing a few people who couldn’t make the new date!

It wasn’t a large group, because I wanted to be able to get around and help each and every person there. Everyone started at different levels, yet all achieved more than they thought they would. It was so nice to witness and help this!

We are all on our self journey and we have our own limits on how and where we feel we are at, which is ok. It’s great getting to share someone’s sense of self achievement, becoming part of their journey.

And if you missed out yesterday, the great news is there’s another one arranged for February!

You do not need to have done a headstand before to participate, I will walk you through step by step to help you reach a place that’s right for you.

Remember you will be able to do it and even if you think you cannot, you can (the group thought this too!).

Come along on Sunday 7th February and see for yourself!

Join us and learn, play and practice just for fun!


Mid-way through lockdown 2.0

I have to say, this time round I’ve felt very exhausted. I’ve taken time out to just rest.
The first two days I literally stayed in bed.

Then as the time has gone on, I’ve started to potter around getting jobs done. They need to be done, but I’ve been taking my time doing them without pressuring myself to finish them immediately.

Little by little and day by day has been the key for me.

To me it’s self care; to restore and reset myself again.

Am I looking forward to get back into it all?
Half and half I’d say. Yes I do; I miss everyone and the studio, but no I don’t; I can’t burn myself out again.

Like in the first lockdown, I learned to get out of the rat race, but it’s so easy to get involved again, especially with the uncertainty of whether this will happen again.

Self restore, self care, self love to you all.


Yoga at Home update

The 7 day challenge has been a slight challenge for me too!

The idea first came from Vicky at our last gong bath, saying we should collaborate and do a yoga and gong bath challenge. We knew it would be a lot of work, but sadly we didn’t get any interest. (I think we both were slightly exhausted too, so it was probably for the best.)

So I then decided to do a 7 day yoga challenge live on Facebook within a private group. I have to say I tried, with the support of my lovely yogi friends, but it was not meant to be. I just couldn’t get live videos going!

I wasn’t going to be defeated, so I then decided I was going to pre record every day to post.

So why did I decide to start this group? To make it accessible for people who have not tried yoga, or want to get back to it, yes, but really to help people reset themselves in a time like now.

Giving back to the community, whatever you want to take from this group.

Enjoy, keep practicing and keep calm!

We’re midway through the challenge, but the previous videos are still up – please message me to join!


New class timetable, and home challenge!

As we’ve gone into a second national lockdown, we’re sadly unable to meet in person, so I’ll be moving my classes back to Zoom.

Please note the different times for Saturday classes, starting from tomorrow!

Tuesday – 0945
Wednesday – 1830
Saturday – 0900

All classes are 1 hour long, and are £7 each.

Please also keep your eyes peeled for details of my Yoga at Home Challenge, and put the 16th November in your diary – you won’t want to miss this one!


Waiting lists and cancelling classes

As the classes are growing in popularity (and I start new classes!) I just wanted to share a little about the booking process and how important it is to keep me up to date!

All bookings are done online, and once confirmed, the spot is yours. There are waiting lists for classes which are fully booked.

If you develop any symptoms or can no longer make it, you must let me know at least 24 hours before the class is due to start. My number will be supplied on the confirmation email, so you can call, text or leave me a message.

If you do not cancel in time, you will still be charged for the class. This is because I have a waiting list of people ready to take, and pay for, the slot!

When coming to class, please remember to only bring essentials, and don’t forget your mat!