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First time in doing this for me and to be working together, very exciting, collaborating with Vicky to put on yin yoga and gong bath….

Why? Because I think they complement one another.

In this style of yoga we practice in a slow pace, where we hold poses for longer, to target the connective tissues within our bodies.

whilst a gong bath it’s like bathing in a sound bath without water. The sound vibrations and frequency’s have healing properties.

Just to be in a blissful moment of time for 2 hours, what more could you ask for? Moment of zen and in candle light.


Come and join us on Sunday 4th February 6-8pm, at Studio White Tara. Newmarket. All for £25. Each.  Some refreshments after and time to chat.

If you would like to join us call or message on 07923647780 to book and advance payment to secure your space, as it’s limited spaces.


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