Stay well…..

Under these circumstances I know we are all feeling anxious, including myself. What are we going to do? Where are we going to get money from? How will we pay the bills? And so the list goes on…

We are forced to stop, and after hearing the initial dialogue running around our heads, we start to breathe and find the space we are in (whatever form that takes)

I know that’s how it is for me. There are lots of jobs to be done, I have catch up on everything that I suddenly need to do, and still find some time for me. How did I do all this and work?

However, this situation has made me think about how precious time is! More than anything, there’s actually time for me to stop and be.

This simple life is what we all are really striving for – not the fast rat race we find ourselves in usually.

For me, I found focusing on my breath has been really helpful. I know what you’re thinking: “We do that anyway!”. Yes we do. We are born with this, but it’s so underrated.

Really feeling and finding my breath has been a journey alongside yoga and meditation.

We all have different breathing patterns, and what we hold in our bodies is really everything.

We need movement like yoga to help this, but our breath is also a movement. It helps to release emotions, trauma, and dramas within us. We all have these to a degree, whether they are big, small, or you haven’t realised them yet. Breath keeps us grounded with a clearer head and helps us to work through the issues.

It’s time to let go and breathe…

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