Lockdown – the simple life

Since lockdown, I’ve discovered the joy in finding time to do things like going on a bike ride or a walk with my family who I’m locked in with. 
Going down memory lane to places I’ve not been to since I was a kid; finding pathways I never knew existed.
Loving exploring again. No, it might not a new country, or a new place, but we can still explore what’s in front of us if we really think and open our eyes and ears. This lockdown has shown me that again.
Life should not be all work, work, work. Striving to slow down and just be, so you can look and feel what’s around you is just as important.
Going down to the allotment with my mum, watching her grow some of our food. Things I don’t really know about, which I feel I should try and learn.
Having time to read more, and cook more of the things I love!
So much of this simplistic life which we usually take for granted.
It really can be soul soothing. Feeling rested, to feel energised. It’s good for everyone whether we admit or not…
I know not all of us have been given this opportunity as we need to work, or have others to care for, but believe me I would doing that if I could. Being brought up from a hard working background has made the enforced stopping really difficult.
So, I’m honouring this time, and feeling gratitude that this has made me stop, pause, and reflect.
Please keep well and healthy!

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