How are you, really?

Back to work, and as things start to change (for better, for worse?) how does it feel for you?

For me, it’s OK, but there’s a lot of adjusting. In the hair salon it’s ticking asking. I’m getting used to the adjustments but some bits still feel tough. I’ll get there.

Yoga on Zoom is good. I’ve adjusted well to that, and again it’s great that we can meet in this way, but I’m really missing the studio. The people, the connection, the bond we all have in a class setting: it’s totally different online.

So maybe there’ll be even more differences and more adjusting to do when we get back, who knows? It won’t be easy to go back to “normal”.

I’m going to get in touch with everyone again in September to see how everyone feels about classes restarting, and how visible it will all be.

Everyone is adjusting their lives at the moment, but it’s still vital to make the most of it!

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