“But I’ve never done yoga!”

I’m sure a lot of us, and our friends and family have thought at some point “I want to start yoga”. It’s so often followed by “but I’m not sure…” The how, whats and whys get in the way!

It’s really not daunting at all; all you have to do is commit to the time and turn up. It’s OK if you don’t feel “ready” for yoga – you’ll be surprised what happens on the mat!

I always say (whatever you’re trying) give it a go 3 times before you make a decision. It’s possible you like aspects of yoga, but not the exact style you’ve tried: go and try another yoga with someone else! We can not be everyone’s cup of tea, but there’s a cup of tea for everyone!

Remember to not be hard on yourself. Listen to how your body feels (yes you will feel lots of information overload when you start! It will all become natural and slot in to place eventually!) We all start somewhere and it’s not about anyone else, just yourself. Don’t compare yourself with other yogis

Just give it a try and see. Message me if you want to join a free taster session tonight – 6pm on Zoom. See you there!

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