Free yoga session review

The free yin yoga was lovely to do, and I got to see a couple faces I haven’t seen for a while, which was really good.

It was nice to do it in this setting as that everyone was relaxed, and because they were in their own homes, it meant they didn’t have to get up, get organised and sort transport back home afterwards.

They could just stay in their relaxed mode and do whatever was in their normal plan, or even take time to do nothing but just be for a while.

So I think that I’m going to somehow slot in a yin yoga evening practice once a month on Zoom! I will keep you posted on when I’ll be doing this; I’m not sure it will be a certain day every month, but I will give you notice. At this moment I’m thinking a Monday, after a weekend.

Please keep your eyes out for this on the blog, Facebook Instagram, or Twitter if you want to join in!

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