Back in the studio

I was a bit apprehensive to get back to the studio with all the extra guidelines to consider. I went there with all my mats to work out how many could safely fit in whilst keeping distanced. Obviously class numbers are now smaller.

As I was getting ready, the government announced the 6 people rule (to add another spanner in the works!), but after checking all of the small print and exemptions, luckily it doesn’t apply to us.

Getting back to seeing people in person was so good; everyone agreed. The community, the bond, and human connection hadn’t disappeared!

It was so good to hear the lovely feedback afterwards, too.

I loved that one class started clapping after the class, with the happiness of being back. In another class, when I asked a question, asking them to answer me back with a wave, they all kept their hands up. I had to say that it was OK for them to put their hands down!

(I know you’re probably wondering what the question was now. If you were in class you would know – I’ll let you in to the secret on another blog, maybe!)

Thank you to all the yogis that have supported me on Zoom while patiently waiting for the studio to reopen! That’s all of you!! You’re all amazing!!

Love and light. Namaste x

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