Yoga at Home update

The 7 day challenge has been a slight challenge for me too!

The idea first came from Vicky at our last gong bath, saying we should collaborate and do a yoga and gong bath challenge. We knew it would be a lot of work, but sadly we didn’t get any interest. (I think we both were slightly exhausted too, so it was probably for the best.)

So I then decided to do a 7 day yoga challenge live on Facebook within a private group. I have to say I tried, with the support of my lovely yogi friends, but it was not meant to be. I just couldn’t get live videos going!

I wasn’t going to be defeated, so I then decided I was going to pre record every day to post.

So why did I decide to start this group? To make it accessible for people who have not tried yoga, or want to get back to it, yes, but really to help people reset themselves in a time like now.

Giving back to the community, whatever you want to take from this group.

Enjoy, keep practicing and keep calm!

We’re midway through the challenge, but the previous videos are still up – please message me to join!

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