A venue change!

Just when you think every thing is goes to plan, something happens, and all change..!

That’s where yoga has helped me, to deal with things in a lighter way. It doesn’t make matters go away, but it helps you look at things in a different light. When life is not going as one thought, it’s ok! Life is forever changing, nothing can stay the same. Things happen in life, and we just make the change and get on. I’m a great believer that things happen for a reason.

So as you know our next charity yoga event (Charity Warriors) is on Sunday 9th July, 11.45am-1.15pm. We’re sorry to say we have had to change our venue, it will now be held at Hughes Hall, and if it’s a beautiful day we will be in the garden grounds (if not we will be in the Pavilion room).

Please book your mat spaces on eventbrite.co.uk for £10, where all proceeds will go to Red Balloon Charity. We would love for you to stay afterwards, and join us for tea, cake, and nibbles, if you are free!


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