Who for?…….. With Love

Dedicating this to one of my besties of  30 years!

I had my first yoga experience with this special lady about 18 years ago. She was pregnant and wanted to go to yoga, but didn’t want to go by herself and asked me to go with her. I loved the feeling I got from the classes, but at that time in my life I was a bit of an adrenaline junkie, and yoga then was not as dynamic as you can get these days! But when I needed to break from the hecticness, yoga came back to me in the softer way as before. Coming to rest with my demons maybe? but that’s another story…

Anyway, enough of me – my bestie went through a lot. I know you’re going to say we all do, and yes we do! But it makes us who we are today and not to judge others!

As I mentioned, she was pregnant, but sadly she lost him. Then it happened again. She had had two still births, and understandably she went awol. Ended up on heroin, in prison.. Luckily she was fortunate enough to turn her life around with the support of family and friends.

Years later she still had a guilty conscience about her boys and couldn’t deal with it at the time. She found Petals, who’ve helped her come to terms with everything through counselling; helping her get the boys’ birth certificates, and knowing where the ashes were scattered.

Petals helps parents that have suffered complications or miscarriage of their pregnancy, and is based at Addenbrookes Hospital. You can find out more about them here: http://petalscharity.org

So, the charity which Charity Warriors will be raising money and awareness for is Petals. My bestie is an amazing lady, no matter what, and this charity is as close to my heart as it is to hers. She’s been so supportive, and has been there for all our past events. This is a way to honour and pay tribute to her two beautiful angels. Actually, there are really three of them, as my other bestie of 33 years has sadly been through the same.


Tickets available at https://www.eventbrite.com/e/mini-yoga-charity-festival-tickets-36389855036

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2 thoughts on “Who for?…….. With Love”

  1. A great cause – much needed support for people who think it could never happen to them…. but as I know – it can and any support is very welcome and very much needed. Thanks Ying for putting great cause forward! Ruth x

  2. Such a lovely emotional thing for you to do for Petals & for me…luv u to the moon & back Ying Chan! They are an amazing caring charity & help so many people like me who at their saddest,darkest time help you see the light. I hope lots of people will come & enjoy the yoga festival & donate to Petals too!

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