This morning I was reminded how yoga helps me in my daily life. I woke up, and started getting on with my day. What I hadn’t realised at the time was that I went to the studio to teach thinking it was Friday!

The studio is having work done at the minute, and when I arrived, the builders were surprised to see me. They said that I wasn’t due in, and even if I was it wasn’t till 10am (bearing in mind it was only 7.40am!)

But I’m in now, definitely!, I replied. The builders needed to be finished that day, and had been told the studio would be empty. I decided to call a yogi to check that they were coming to class. Her reply? “It’s Thursday Ying!”

So turns out I wasn’t meant to be there at all! No harm done – just laughing to myself with the builders. I sent a text to the owner too, informing her of my crazy moment, and she thought it was funny too.

And so I prompted. Yoga helps me to take everything in my stride – taking things as they come whether I’m right or wrong.


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