Lockdown birthdays

It seems that most of my family, including me, have had or will have a birthday in lockdown, including some big ones!

It’s sad you can’t celebrate with family, or go and do what you would normally do. I would have loved to go away, but this year I actually would have been working (hairdressing!) as we planned to take the following weekend off. It would have been the long bank holiday weekend – at the start of the year I promised myself I’d take one Saturday completely off work a month.

I planned to meet up with old school friends near my actual birthday, but it was rescheduled to a future Zoom date. It’s a strange way to see everyone, but still good to try and celebrate on screen

The following evening we were due to be hosting a yin yoga and gong bath. I love these events as they bring so much lovely collective energy together, and they’re a pleasure to do. It’s been postponed, and I’m hoping we’ll be able to run the next one, currently scheduled for summer solstice in June. But sadly to be on in July now.

Happy birthday to these who have or had it in lock down!

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