We all need a hairdresser right now!

Some of you may not know that as well as teaching yoga I’m a hairdresser with a seat at Bamboo on Mill Road. As the lockdown starts to lift more, I’m starting to book clients in for their hair to do done.

Over the past few weeks I’ve been busy in the background trying to get ready to start working back in the salon. One aspect of this is ordering PPE for myself and clients.

I’m thinking of the environment as much as I can to get back to work by limiting the plastic. The disposable towels and gowns are biodegradable, but sadly not everything can be this way.

The hand sanitiser and my workstation and tools cleaner has no scent or harsh chemicals in it, while still being hospital grade. It’s won’t harm your pets once on your hands in case they like to lick you!

The PPE is not only for mine and your benefit, but others who are in the salon at the time. Thinking along this line, I have also bought a no-contact thermometer, which I’ll use on entry to the salon. Face masks need to be used and worn properly, and I’ll be able to sell one to clients who don’t have their own.

It’s hard for all of us in the industry as there are no real guidelines to follow, so I’m doing everything I possibly can to make this work, and I really appreciate your cooperation at this time.

So as soon as we get green light I’m ready to just start. The date at the minute is the 4th of July all being well.

I started to get in touch with my clients at the start of June, when the lifting phases were announced.

I am (understandably!) going to be busy, but we’re not going to be silly in the salon. There will be fewer people in per day, and we are allowing longer time to clean and get ready in between each client. We won’t be seeing other clients while colours are developing unless a stylist is not in to work, to keep your experience 1:1.

There will be appointments only (i.e. no walk-ins),and rebooking and payment will happen at the work station to have fewer people in the reception area.

It will be a big change getting back to work, and hopefully will feel more natural once everything gets back to its new normal, what ever that may be.

I understand it will feel strange for a while (for me too!), but I hope by doing this it puts your minds to ease to come and get your hair done, for a feel good factor if nothing else. We definitely all need that right now!

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