Isolation has given me time to self enquire via meditation, and write blogs (maybe I should do a meta blog about blogging one day!)

As you probably know I practice trancendental meditation, but I’ve also taking time to follow guided meditations from my yoga teacher, who I’ve just done an online course with.

It’s given me time to delve deeper than usual and work through my most vulnerable feelings and emotions within myself. I had already done some of this before, but I got busy again with work and life, and meditating got put to one side. It was good to take time to really honour my emotions and work through them. I enjoy doing this, and love how I feel afterwards. I’ve done lots of different types of work on myself over the years; various therapies, all types of healing, homeopathy, and obviously yoga!

But sitting with my deepest feeling, and listening without judgement is not easy! (It might sound simple but it’s not!). I thought I had listened, or not judged, but no, I hadn’t! Sometimes I found I had only started, but barely scratched the surface. I spent time peeling back the layers to get to the core, and I have to say it’s blown me away. Intense feelings washed over me, but I was able to dedicate the time to process them, and appreciate what my body and mind were going through. I love that I feel I can move forward now!

I know I’ll always be working on myself, and it will be neverending! Plenty of things will pop up in life, and even as I deal with them, more new things arise. The good thing is that this gets easier the more you do it! You learn to keep more space within, and not fill yourself to bursting point!

Take time, feel what’s needed and breathe!

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