My daily smoothie!

This is a daily morning ritual I’ve followed for a few years now. The ingredients change by season, but I keep it organic, and as you know I take Juice Plus. As you’ve read in my previous post, it gives extra nutrients and is not a supplement.

To be honest probably the the key ingredient, as it’s the only constant! Other common ones are spirulina and chica seeds, a bit of protein powder, and occasionally macca powder.

For the past few years, I’ve mostly made mostly green smoothies. I found trying to not mix too much acidic fruit together challenging to start with, but it did get easier.

I limit the fruit these days because otherwise the fructose level is too high for me. I find I use one or two pieces of fruit at most.

So now mainly it’s vegetables, like celery, kale, spinach, lettuce, sugar snap peas, and cucumber. Sometimes I also add fresh ginger in it!

And to make the mix into a smoothie, I always add filtered water rather than milk, so it’s not too heavy, and we stay hydrated with the water intake!

Happy making and drinking… what are your smoothies like?

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