Lockdown reflections

Looking back on full lockdown, my main takeaway is to not spread myseldf too thinly. I don’t want to be running round all over the place, and lockdown made me pause and realise I was doing too much. I’ve considered my working schedule, re-evaluated it, and changed it.

I need to be strict with myself and not add hairdressing clients at the end of the day! (Every now and then is fine, but I was doing it far too much!)

Another thing I found was that I want to have more time to just stop and *be*. To learn that it’s ok to have nothing to do every now and then. Spend more time in and with nature – sitting in the garden or out on a bike ride. Time at home to do the fitness I want to do in my own time; not what I feel pressured to do or show on Instagram.

Do you have any lockdown reflections?

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