Cycling down dementia

As you know whilst on lock down I dusted off my bike and cycled more than I ever had before.

As lockdown begin to relax, I went back to hairdressing work, as well as doing yoga via Zoom. I want to keep this cycling in my life while juggling my work life too.

I have done quite a few things for different charities over my life and I haven’t done an event for a while, though I’ve donated money or given food for homeless people.

I came across this cycling event and I thought why not? Yes, I’ve started the challenge late, as its meant to be April to August and I signed up on a Sunday in July, but I just have less time to cover 500km before the end of August!

Believe me, it will be a challenge to get all this in in my free time, but I love a challenge, and better still, it’s for charity. This event is not just to help me keep up with cycling, but to help raise awareness of dementia.

I know you may not have money to donate, but also remember every little helps. There’s no pressure, but if you can’t donate, it would be great if you could share my page for me instead!

Thank you so much for your support, and wish me luck!


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