Listening to our bodies

As the Zoom classes continue, I’ve noticed how my yogis are becoming more body led. I’m always saying this in class, but it’s so easy to quickly look up to check what you’re “meant” to be doing, or where you “should” be up to. This is trickier on Zoom, and I love how my students are becoming more in tune with their own bodies.
Listening and moving in their own intuitive way – it’s an incredible thing to witness!

We are all different and even if two flexible people do the same pose, it would not look identical, due to all sorts of reasons like bone structure, or current issues within the body. It’s part of the beauty of being body-led; that two bodies can still do the same move even so.

How does it feel for you? Are you in tune with your body? Try to move intuitively today, and don’t compare it with yesterday. It’ll be different, and that’s OK!

Happy exploring, and don’t forget join me on Zoom!

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