White Tara Studio and gong baths

As we should have been having our first yoga session tomorrow since March, I thought I’d share with you the fresh clean studio instead! It’s had a fresh coat of paint, new blinds, and got a new storage unit. I’m missing this extra beautiful space so much!

Huge thanks to Michele at White Tara for being busy during lockdown and making this happen.

Remember, we will be back soon! I’m reviewing general yoga starting in September, but who knows! Anything could happen, so please keep watching this space for updates.

I also want to thank everyone who’s been supporting me on Zoom, all of you who’ve been waiting for us to get back to the studio, and everyone who’s been patiently waiting for our our yin yoga and gong baths – sorry we’ve had to cancel and rearrange so many times!

However, if everything goes well our next gong bath will be on Sunday 27th September! Hope to see some of your faces in person, and we can share the amazing collective energy that is always there.

We will be limiting numbers to ensure mat spacing, and asking everyone to bring their own equipment. Please get in touch to reserve a space!

Namaste, love and light to everyone xx

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