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Wow…. it’s time…..

How exciting, looking forward to seeing you all in person next week….

Human connection, human touch seems like something from the pass but you know what we are nearly there.

Hang on in there, you are doing amazing! I’m proud to say yes let’s do this, Getting back in to the rhythm of life……

Supporting each other is the most important, the connection we have, the community we have. Truly blessed with you wonderful beings, Thank you!

Seeing your lovely faces next week!!!! Studio White Tara here we come….

Love, light and blessings to you all x

meditation, wellness, yoga

Have you booked in yet?

You may of notice already that the website has had a revamp. Please book in via the website for all classes and workshops.

Remember still on limited numbers so be mindful of the booking and cancelling.

Could you also book in for Saturday’s live on zoom too, just so I know where I am at.

If your new to my classes, in studio or on line then you will need to fill in the disclaimer before attending thank you.

Making it all simpler to makes life easier……

Thank you for your support! Much appreciated! Namaste x


Live yoga

Oh my god! Really? I have to do this?

Given the current situation, my schedule has now changed. I’m offering yoga lessons via Zoom, for £5 each:

Monday 6pm
Wednesday 6.30pm
Saturday 9.30am

Live yoga online is something I was not really prepared to do, but like most things I tend to work better when I’m thrown in at the deep end.

It was slightly daunting for me (to say the least!), so why did I do it? To stay connected to my yogis.

Seeing them and practicing with them makes me smile, and making me smile makes my heart warm.

After getting set up at home, the real work began with plenty of trial and error, as I’m no techie. But, thanks to lots of patience from my yogis as well as myself we started to get there.

So I’m still learning, which I love! I’m definitely a “forever student”. As the weeks roll on, I will keep going.

When we get back to normal life again, how will it be? Will we still be doing online yoga? It’s something one has to contemplate.

Being in the same room, with a sense of togetherness is more for me, for sure. I enjoy being able to see in real time, have a connection with people, and hug! The last touch in savasana is something I just can’t do over the Internet. So I will definitely be returning to Studio White Tara and Hughes hall one day, but I might find more yogis and decide to stay online too!

Stay connected, stay safe, embrace this for what it is, and keep learning!


Men and flexibility…..

I saw a post about a dad doing yoga and how with determination over time he ended up being able to touch his toes.

I know that’s not what yoga is about, but when you see a happy face as somebody becomes more subtle than they thought they could be? For me, that happy face is what yoga is about for, especially when their practice has not been about ego.

It happened in my class recently with a university student. At the end  he happily came up to and proudly told me that he touched his toes today. To profound moment was amazing to see.

Sending your life force breath in to every part of your body helps give the ability to move how ever small or big your movements are .

Once your mind is focused wth awarness of your breath, anything can happen, from consistent and fluid stretching, to strengthening with a mindful pratice,and everything inbetween.

This can happen for anyone its just about your breath. So Breathe.