Men and flexibility…..

I saw a post about a dad doing yoga and how with determination over time he ended up being able to touch his toes.

I know that’s not what yoga is about, but when you see a happy face as somebody becomes more subtle than they thought they could be? For me, that happy face is what yoga is about for, especially when their practice has not been about ego.

It happened in my class recently with a university student. At the end  he happily came up to and proudly told me that he touched his toes today. To profound moment was amazing to see.

Sending your life force breath in to every part of your body helps give the ability to move how ever small or big your movements are .

Once your mind is focused wth awarness of your breath, anything can happen, from consistent and fluid stretching, to strengthening with a mindful pratice,and everything inbetween.

This can happen for anyone its just about your breath. So Breathe.



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