Update on headstand variations!

The very short version is they’ve been overtaken! Somehow I put them aside, and have moved on to handstand practice. It was a natural flow, rather than a conscious decision (or maybe I just ran out of variations so my body compensated!)

Either way, I must get back to it. Saying that, I haven’t completely stopped – some of you know I have a feet up trainer for headstand, and I do still use that as a tool for my core training. I’m still practising for headstands, just in a roundabout way!

I do lots of different types of core training, and I use feet up mainly for pike to headstands with holds on both. Then to widelegged / straddle pike, up to headstand and holds, along with the TRX (which then I can use to include mountain climbers for the obliques).

I try to use all of my tools and techniques to practise not just the thing they were intended for – it’s interesting to see how they all interlink! And headstands? How do you do yours?

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