Yoga for everyone

I was thinking how I love that more and more men are doing yoga, and that we’re losing the stigma that it’s for grannies, hippies or that it’s so easy why should we bother?!

I’ve never set up a male yoga class as I love the diversity, and I’m lucky that I do have men in my classes already!

Maybe in lockdown everyone has had reflection time for themselves!

I’m grateful for the men that have reached out to me as we’ve started to ease out of lockdown for 1-1 sessions, for health or to facilitate healing of injuries.

Knowing that it’s ok to look after yourself and that you are important is the key for everyone, whatever gender you are!

One of the men from my classes said that by doing yoga “men are manning up, to be able to feel and work on themselves” I love that! But it’s not just men, I think it’s for all!

I’m even more grateful that I get to share and witness their journeys with them, and it’s amazing whether it’s in a class or 1-1s!

If you feel you want to try yoga please feel free to get in touch here, on Facebook, or Instagram!

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