White Tara Studio and gong baths

As we should have been having our first yoga session tomorrow since March, I thought I’d share with you the fresh clean studio instead! It’s had a fresh coat of paint, new blinds, and got a new storage unit. I’m missing this extra beautiful space so much! Huge thanks to Michele at White Tara for being busy during lockdown and making this happen. Remember, we will be back soon! I’m… Read More »White Tara Studio and gong baths

Listening to our bodies

As the Zoom classes continue, I’ve noticed how my yogis are becoming more body led. I’m always saying this in class, but it’s so easy to quickly look up to check what you’re “meant” to be doing, or where you “should” be up to. This is trickier on Zoom, and I love how my students are becoming more in tune with their own bodies. Listening and moving in their own… Read More »Listening to our bodies

Hard decisions

As you know the yoga studio will be allowed to reopen on the 25th July. As I’ve gathered your feedback and thought in how vital it is to restart, I’m sorry to say that I will not be restarting in-person classes yet. I’ll review for September, and will be asking for feedback as we go along. As we are only limited on spaces with guidelines it’s hard to keep this… Read More »Hard decisions

Cycling down dementia

As you know whilst on lock down I dusted off my bike and cycled more than I ever had before. As lockdown begin to relax, I went back to hairdressing work, as well as doing yoga via Zoom. I want to keep this cycling in my life while juggling my work life too. I have done quite a few things for different charities over my life and I haven’t done… Read More »Cycling down dementia

Lockdown reflections

Looking back on full lockdown, my main takeaway is to not spread myseldf too thinly. I don’t want to be running round all over the place, and lockdown made me pause and realise I was doing too much. I’ve considered my working schedule, re-evaluated it, and changed it. I need to be strict with myself and not add hairdressing clients at the end of the day! (Every now and then… Read More »Lockdown reflections

My daily smoothie!

This is a daily morning ritual I’ve followed for a few years now. The ingredients change by season, but I keep it organic, and as you know I take Juice Plus. As you’ve read in my previous post, it gives extra nutrients and is not a supplement. To be honest probably the the key ingredient, as it’s the only constant! Other common ones are spirulina and chica seeds, a bit… Read More »My daily smoothie!

Juice Plus

Let’s firstly clear up a common misconception! Juice Plus is not a supplement – it’s extra nutrition, just in capsules. So it doesn’t mean you don’t have to eat your fruit and vegetables! It gives us more. Even if you eat a varied diet already, the fruit and vegetables we buy are not always as nutritious as they should be, because they are not picked as freshly as possible. The… Read More »Juice Plus

Always learning – TRX!

During lockdown, I gained my TRX certificate (suspension training)! It’s one I’ve been meaning to do but never got round to it. Having this time pressed upon me allowed me to complete the course online rather than in person. I love this tool kit; it allows you to do so many different exercises, and has fantastic applications in yoga. It uses body weight, and can involve functional movement for the… Read More »Always learning – TRX!

July yoga class updates

Morning all! Just wanted to post a few updates about yoga classes going forward. Since the government announced the various business openings, including hair salons, I’ll be shifting classes slightly: – Monday 29th June will be the last Monday class – no future Monday classes planned – Saturday 4th July – NO CLASS – Online Saturday classes will resume on the 11th July, from 8-9am. Please note the new time!… Read More »July yoga class updates

The perfect granola

Another vegan recipe I love to make, with loads of variations depending on which ingredients you like (or can get hold of!). Great for breakfast with your favourite milk or yoghurt! Ingredients 1-2 cups nuts (your favourite, or a mix)1/2- 1 cup seeds (your favourite, or a mix)1-2 cups rolled oats3 tablespoons coconut flakes 2 teaspoons chia seedsA couple of pinches salt 3 tablespoons coconut oil3 tablespoons agave nectar (or… Read More »The perfect granola