A venue change!

Just when you think every thing is goes to plan, something happens, and all change..! That’s where yoga has helped me, to deal with things in a lighter way. It doesn’t make matters go away, but it helps you look at things in a different light. When life is not going as one thought, it’s ok! Life is forever changing, nothing can stay the same. Things happen in life, and… Read More »A venue change!

Organising our 5th yoga charity event.

   Fitting in life with two busy schedules is some what challenging at times but doable. We try to make each event slightly different in one way or another to keep it individual every time. It always has a fun aspect to them as we cater for all abilities. Giving back to the community makes it all worth while for us. To help raise awareness and money for different local… Read More »Organising our 5th yoga charity event.

I saw a post about a dad doing yoga and how with determination over time he ended up being able to touch his toes. I know that’s not what yoga is about, but when you see a happy face as somebody becomes more subtle than they thought they could be? For me, that happy face is what yoga is about for, especially when their practice has not been about ego.… Read More »